– Becoming a gaming YouTuber is the dream of many young people. To showcase gaming skills on YouTube, you’ll need gaming equipment for streaming. Live streaming on a computer will not be perfect without adequate support and equipment. So, what are the important components needed for smooth live streaming? Let’s find out by reading the information to the end.


Gamer Tools For Streaming

After acquiring sufficient skills, the next step is to prepare the equipment for live streaming activities. There are at least 10 gaming tools for streaming that will ensure a smooth streaming process.

1. Computer/PC or Laptop

A computer/PC or laptop is the fundamental equipment you must have for live streaming. The PC or laptop is used to merge the video game footage you have with your live video to be broadcasted on media platforms.

“In addition, a PC or laptop also serves to record and apply effects to your outgoing video. However, before using a PC or laptop, ensure it meets the following specifications:”

  • Intel Core i3 or Ryzen 1200 and higher.
  • Minimum RAM 8 GB
  • Minimum 1050 series GPU
  • Minimum hard disk 1 TB

2. Condenser Microphone

“A condenser microphone is equipped with sensitive membrane technology that captures sound as accurately as possible. Subsequently, the microphone produces detailed sound output.

Typically, the microphone functions when connected to a power gain device. However, there are some types of condenser microphones that are more practical and do not require additional devices.”

3. Headsets

“A headset is a crucial gaming tool for streaming, especially for listening to the sound from the game you’re playing. Using a headset ensures clearer sound and helps you focus better on playing the game.

Furthermore, a headset also serves when recording your own voice. Therefore, opt for a headset equipped with a microphone.

4. Camera

A camera is a device used to capture images, allowing viewers to see your face and expressions clearly. If you’re unable to afford an expensive professional camera, you can opt for a more economical option, such as a webcam.

5. Green Lights and Screen

“To produce quality videos, adequate lighting is essential. Lighting is a crucial supporting factor that should not be overlooked. You’ll need at least three lights from three directions: front or top, left, and right to create a simple video image. Additionally, you can utilize a ring light from the front. Look for a ring light equipped with a dimmer or light intensity controller.

Meanwhile, a green screen is a green-colored backdrop cloth. By using this green screen, software will automatically select and merge the face image with the video image.

6. Capture Card

Another essential gaming tool for streaming is the capture card, which captures images directly from devices such as phones, PS4, or computers. It then processes them for direct display on broadcasting media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

7. Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is an essential piece of gear that must not be disregarded. Not only does a gaming chair provide comfort, but it also enhances your value and quality as both a gamer and a streamer. As a game streamer, this chair is essential as it adds to your prestige.

8. Software Streaming

“Streaming software is an integral part of gaming equipment for streaming that you need to install on your computer or laptop. This software functions to merge your video with the gameplay you’re engaging in.

Additionally, this software provides effects that can enhance the appeal of your video content. You can choose from various streaming software options such as OBS, Game Show, Raptr, MagixYouCast, FFSplit, and others.

If you’re unsure which one to choose, OBS is a widely used option. OBS is relatively user-friendly, compatible with multiple platforms, and offers a wide range of effects.”

9. Internet connection

“Undoubtedly, internet connection plays a crucial role in live streaming. You need to ensure you have a high-speed and stable internet connection for both downloading and uploading.
To ensure smooth live streaming without interruptions, it’s essential to seek out the best internet service provider in your area.”

10. Two Screens for Live Streaming

The last gaming equipment for streaming is using dual screens to support the streaming process. Why use more than one screen? Typically, streamers use one screen for gaming and another screen for running supporting programs such as Discord, OBS, or chat.

This is crucial as it facilitates multitasking between gaming and monitoring the live stream. You can play games in fullscreen mode while still keeping an eye on the streaming process. Just imagine the hassle of using a single screen and constantly switching in and out of the game.