Even though it has a shape similar to a keyboard that you often use to type on a computer. But the LED-backlit gaming accessories keyboard isn’t just a keyboard. But there’s also backlighting for the back of the monitor, mouse, and more.

For the discussion this time, we recommend an LED-backlit gaming keyboard that has strong durability with a striking design thanks to RGB lights.

LED-Backlit Gaming Accessories Keyboard Play More Comfortable

LED-Backlit Gaming Accessories Keyboard, Playing Games More Comfortable

If you have been using a computer/PC device to play games, this device will make it even more fun and exciting. You also don’t need to worry about the durability of the keyboard because it is specifically for gaming.

The gaming keyboard itself is one of the gaming accessories specifically designed for playing games. The products have a variety of prices and computer specs. This product can be a cool accessory and doesn’t get bored easily.

NYK K-02 Full Backlight

This first recommendation has a cheap and simple price that you can use at any time. This keyboard has a low price with a solid structure, responsive keys, and is also splash-proof. The lighting uses RGB with 19 keys anti-ghosting.

Interestingly, this product is equipped with a membrane similar to using a mechanical keyboard. Not only one, this tool has 3 types of RGB LED Backlight which do not require additional software to be installed.

Digital Alliance Warriors RGB

This product is suitable for playing games and non-gaming needs. This product can be said to be multifunctional because it can be used to play games and multimedia or office needs. This keyboard also has full features with four color variants, namely blue, green, red, and orange which you can adjust to your taste. This keyboard is also detachable, splash-resistant, and more.

AULA S-2022 Mechanical

The total keys on this keyboard are 104 keys, with 26 keys conflict. These LED-backlit gaming accessories can last up to around 60 million keystrokes. This keyboard adopts a two-tone injection which is not easy to fade and is durable. The price is also relatively cheap compared to other gaming keyboards.

Logitech G213 Prodigy

Equipped with Logitech Mech-Dome buttons and Light Sync RGB, this product is spill-resistant up to 60 ml. This keyboard uses a full-speed USB 2.0 connection and only weighs about 1,000 grams. The design of the device is RGB Backlighting and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Redragon K630W RGB

This last gaming accessories keyboard recommendation has 61 keys that can last up to 50 million clicks. Apart from that, this device also supports N-Key anti-ghosting and there are 13 RGB backlighting modes using a detachable cable.

Those are some recommendations for the version of LED-backlit gaming accessories. You can choose a gaming keyboard according to your needs and is suitable for use at any time.