There are types of ultra-responsive gaming sensor mice that are present in the market. This lightweight mouse can help cut through mobs as quickly as possible and is easier to maneuver when you use it. Gaming mice are very important equipment for gamers, both professional gamers and beginners.

The existence of this one device is important to move players or characters in a game. In choosing a gaming mouse, you can’t just choose randomly.

Ultra-Responsive Gaming Sensors Light Game Movement

Ultra-Responsive Gaming Sensors Light Game Movement

Not only smooth on the sensor, you need to pay attention to the performance and features of the mouse. The gaming mouse itself is different from an ordinary mouse, even though it has the same basic function. The gaming mouse has additional features that are suitable for in-game movement.

Not only as a game shift sensor, a gaming mouse usually has a futuristic trendy design and is complete with additional buttons to complete in-game functions.

Steel series Rival 650 Wireless

The recommendations that you should consider from Steelseries can be used freely by users by making customized settings. There is a button function setting and its weight. The unique thing about this mouse is that you can operate this mouse even if it is in a slightly floating position from the surface. This feature comes thanks to the True Move 3+ Dual Sensor System. Charging is also very fast thanks to the fast charging feature.

Logitech Ergo M575 Track Bar Wireless

You can also consider a mouse that uses a trackball. The movement of the hands becomes less, so you don’t get tired easily even if you play games for a long time. You can move the cursor using your thumb.

This mouse also uses a DPI of 400 to 2000 which makes its movements more reactive. You can choose ultra-responsive gaming sensors and mouse connectivity using wireless or Bluetooth. This mouse is priced at around 900 thousand.

Razer Naga Trinity

The advantage of this mouse is that it has side buttons, the number of which you can adjust according to the game genre, namely 2, 1, and 12. For example, when playing MMO games, you can install 12 side buttons. The mouse can function optimally in each different game. This mouse from Razer is of the wired type, so you can freely play without fear of running out of battery.

Cooler Master MM710

This mouse recommendation has a unique beefy design with light weight. The high puncture on the back makes it a smart choice for claw grip players. So it will naturally fit more to the bottom of the palm. You can get extra comfort and control with a flatter mouse. The short but wide dimensions make it a great choice for gamers with almost any hand size.

Those are some of the ultra-responsive gaming sensors mice that you can choose from. It appears that the mouse has a variety of features that aim to improve sensor accuracy and response.